How Do Seo Experts Create Search Engine Friendly Content?

05th Jun 2015
Content Marketing
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Search Engine Friendly Content

Search Engine Optimisation is widely recognised as one of the most important and most effective digital marketing strategies available to website owners. As a result, outsourcing to SEO experts is now the norm, not only to improve search engine rankings, but also for content marketing, which plays an important role for SEO. So how exactly do experts go about creating content which is "search engine-friendly"?

Carefully Measured Content

With modern search engine algorithms, the nature of content plays an essential role in SEO. It is no longer enough to cram weak content with keywords. Instead, Google's crawlers now reward quality, original content and penalise 'thin' output. Of course, creating genuinely useful content is also far better for the reader as well.

Furthermore, experts aim to create what is known as evergreen content. While most news pieces only stay relevant for a short period of time, evergreen content retains value for years after its publication. This ensures that it generates traffic, leads and social media activity over a long period, which is rewarded by search engines.

Headline and Keyword Research

Headlines and keywords still play an important role in SEO, although modern search engine algorithms mean both require care. It is crucial to understand that web headlines are different from traditional print headlines and while there has been a 'click-bait' backlash, the fact remains that giving people a reason to click is absolutely paramount. For the best search engine results, headlines should be alluring and descriptive, while staying under 70 characters.

Meanwhile, SEO professionals know how to use the full range of keyword tools available to them. For example, Google Trends can provide invaluable information when trying to decide between terms (i.e. 'buy' or 'purchase'), while Soovle is a tool which takes your current keywords and provides suggestions, based on results from 15 different search engines.

Images and Videos

One aspect that can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to SEO is visual media, such as images and videos.

"Image Alt and Title attributes can give extra opportunity to include relevant keywords," according to SEO Surgeon, one of the most experienced SEO consultants London has to offer. "[This] helps not only in the universal search but Google Image Search as well."

Videos work in much the same way and the key is to ensure the content of videos is sufficiently described. By tagging videos based on keywords and search terms, it becomes easier for people to find the content on Google.

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