What Is Retargeting And How Can It Increase Conversions?

25th May 2015
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Retargeting is a relatively new online marketing strategy, which involves targeting advertising specifically at people who have previously visited your website. Essentially, the aim of the strategy is to convert online 'window shoppers' into customers by appearing in front of them again and improving brand recall.

The vast majority of businesses do not currently have a retargeting budget, instead prioritising SEO outsourcing and other forms of search marketing. Indeed, many experts in the field believe that retargeting is the single most under-utilised online marketing technique today.

Of course, this presents early adopters with the chance to gain a significant jump on the competition.

How Does Retargeting Work?

The most common method of retargeting involves placing an invisible Javascript code on your website. Each time somebody visits your website, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie to that visitor, marking them as someone who has shown an interest. This particular process is sometimes known as 'tagging'.

As the visitor moves away from your website and browses the web, the cookie alerts your retargeting provider to the fact that they have previously visited your website and are a candidate for retargeting adverts. These adverts may then appear to them when they are using social media, watching a video on Youtube, or using a search engine.

Retargeting strategies can also become more in-depth, allowing you to target different kinds of visitors in different ways. For example, you may opt to utilise more aggressive or obvious advertising on someone who has looked at products on your website than on someone who has read a single blog post – or vice versa.

Impact on Conversions

The main benefit of retargeting is that it allows you to aim your advertising resources directly towards people who have already demonstrated some sort of interest in what you have to offer. It can also be used alongside professional SEO services as a marketing one-two punch, increasing traffic and subsequently increasing conversions.

When utilised correctly, it can have an incredible impact on conversions and, in fact, research by B2B Marketing shows that people are 70 percent more likely to convert if they are 'retargeted' through display advertising. Meanwhile, according to AdReady, retargeting can improve ad response in general by up to 400 percent.

People usually respond best to more subtle retargeting ads, which are seen as less intrusive and sinister. Nonetheless, contrary to some suggestions, most people actually like being retargeted, with only 11 percent registering displeasure and a significant number referring to them as 'helpful' and 'convenient'.

Image Source: pmgmarketing.net.


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