Why SEO consultants love shareable content

12th Aug 2015
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Why Shareable Content Matters for SEO

Slowly but surely, shareability has become one of the most essential aspects of high-quality digital content. SEO experts now agree that shareable content can boost your online presence and website performance in a way that other digital marketing strategies can't. Read on to find out why SEO consultants love shareable content.

Better rankings

Every search marketing agency will tell you that SEO techniques are all about improving your visibility on search engines for targeted keywords. While it is true that there are many factors that come into play when it comes to becoming better positioned on search result pages, content shareability plays a crucial role in achieving better rankings across all search engines. Ranking algorithms interpret shareable content as quality content, making it rank better due to its higher organic value.

Enhanced visibility

The principle here is simple: the more people feel motivated to share your content, the more exposure your business or product will gain. There are no limits as to how far your content can go in the online world. If your content is shared across personal contact networks, you could potentially reach thousands of potential clients who would have otherwise remained unaware of your brand. Enhanced visibility and brand awareness go hand in hand, just as shareability and positive customer perception do.

Stronger customer engagement

Unlike other digital marketing strategies, shareable content empowers customers and visitors to your site, allowing them to make the decision to share whatever they consider valuable content. This qualitative difference is diametrically opposed to being asked to click on a link or to share content on social media. Shareability can be therefore considered a natural and high-quality link building technique that allows businesses to connect with customers on a personal level, laying out the foundations for strong brand-client engagement.

Long-term value

Because of its inherent quality, shareable content has the capability of adding long-lasting value to your brand. Paid search campaigns and display advertisements are limited by time constraints and are only effective for short a period of time. By contrast, high-quality shareable content has a permanent nature that can bring long-term value and consistent positive results.

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