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Google Ads Strategy and Campaign Management

ClickJump was appointed by FREEMAN.COM to compile a paid search strategy and campaign to drive new business via the Google Ads channel.

The business goal was to promote growth by using online channels to increase new business leads for the company’s main business lines: Events Services, Design & Creative, Event Management, Exhibits, Production and Audio Visual.

Our objective was to target specific audiences on Google search to increase the three types of conversions that are key for business growth.


We defined and targeted key audiences whose search intent and needs are in line with Freeman solutions’ unique selling points, and identifying the terminology to reach them effectively on the sales funnel.

Our main target Audiences are exhibitors, show organisers, brand/ event Marketers


Based on Freeman’s goals, we completely re-structured the existing Google Ads campaigns. This included a review of the whole account and in-depth keyword research to select between 400 and 600 keywords. As well as this, we also changed the messaging of all ads and all assets to create and A/B test new ones. We also set the right bidding strategy for the business’ goals, set device bid adjustments, added relevant audiences and tested all the new campaigns for a set period. Based on seasonality and fluctuations due to Covid, we also had to re-focus some of the campaigns to cater for Freeman audiences’ new requirements such as virtual events and safer outdoor events for example.


Comparing May 2021 – Apr. 2022 to May 2022 – Apr.2023:

In 2 years, conversions increased by 201%, the conversion rate rose by 68%, the Click Through Rate increased by 44% and the Cost Per Acquisition dropped by 34%.

Overall, we are proud to have exceeded our client’s expectations and objectives, significantly improving their lead generation objective using Paid Search.

Christelle and the ClickJump team take care of our Google Ads account as if it was their own. We tell them our overarching goals, and they plans and manages the campaigns flawlessly. The Google platform changes so often that I can't keep track. But Christelle keeps us updated. She proactively adjust campaigns to avoid pitfalls and jumps on opportunities. She's always communicative and easy to work with. Despite my prior experience with the platform, the best thing I ever did was fire myself and hire ClickJump to take my place! Tanner Harp - Senior Director, Digital & Demand Marketing