Miller Heiman Group

Global Organisational Consulting Firm


Miller Heiman Group is a global organisation with 63 offices, 700 facilitators and 200 consultants worldwide. The company has historically been recognised as one of the largest training companies in the world, but is quickly becoming one of the most prolific business solutions providers in sales and service performance. Miller Heiman Group is backed by more than 150 years of experience and performance. Their Be Ready Solutions offer more sales - and customer service-based solutions - than anyone in the industry, and empower people across the entire organisation to perform at peak potential by bringing game-changing insight to sales performance and customer experience.

The group undertook a global re-branding exercise in Q4 2016 and needed to re-launch it’s brand and website in the UK and across the EMEA region. ClickJump was delighted to be chosen to carry out the company’s SEO website migration as well as the on-going SEO, Per Per Click, content and social media campaigns in the UK.

The objectives were as follows:

  • Website migration: to carry out a smooth and successful website migration from an old domain (URL) to a brand new domain without loosing existing search rankings and visibility in the UK.
  • SEO: to start an on-site and off-site campaign targeting key audiences on search engines in order to increase brand visibility and achieve the company’s website goals.
  • PPC: Paid Search campaigns are carried out throughout the year to promote the group’s various events in the UK and increase registrations from relevant audiences.
  • Content & Social: these campaigns’ objectives are to build the business’ communities on relevant social platforms in the UK and the EMEA region by reaching relevant audiences to promote thought leadership, increase brand awareness and engagement.


  • Website migration: following the analysis of the current website structure, we worked with MHG’s web design agency to implement a redirection plan based on the new website’s URL structure. The migration was carried out in 3 phases: pre-migration, launch and post-launch. All SEO elements were addressed including XML sitemap, 301 redirection mapping, robots.txt, testing and post-launch review to only list a few.
  • SEO: following an in-depth analysis of MHG’s key audiences and competitive landscape on search, ClickJump compiled an on-site strategy based on optimising key pages’ content, interlinking, meta data creation, robot.txt and schema to only mention a few elements. At the same time, an off-site link building campaign was initiated, based on the creation of good quality, relevant content to be outreached on key websites.
  • PPC: the aim of MHG’s paid search campaign is to reach relevant audiences while they are looking for sales and customer service events to help them improve company-wide development, talent assessment, overall strategy and skills.
  • Content & Social: launching a new brand globally is a huge task and our content and social media campaigns focus on the UK and EMEA region. They provide the new brand with an increased visibility using targeted content on relevant platforms as well as carefully chosen influencer marketing based on key messages and themes.


  • Website migration: following a successful website migration in January, the new website’s visibility has increased by 256% between February and March 2017 and it’s domain authority (DA) has increased by 20 points.
  • SEO: Between February and March 2017, organic traffic from search engines had increased by 89%.
  • PPC: Paid search is driving highly targeted relevant traffic to key event registration pages, boosting event awareness and registrations.
  • Content & Social: between February and March, social engagement increased by over 30% and all social platforms’ users and followers also rose significantly.
ClickJump helped to re-launch successfully our new website. It was a smooth launch working on a tight deadline towards the end of 2016, which also included a domain migration. They also supported our SEO and social media activities successfully, which helped to gain visibility and brand awareness in a short time in the UK market and strengthens our presence there. We will continue working together to further enhance our SEO and Social marketing activities given the great results and the professional working relationship. Monika Götzmann - Marketing Director EMEA, 
Miller Heiman Group