Our Services

The Snowball Effect

ClickJump is not just another digital marketing consultancy. 

First of all, we specialise in search as it is where we started and is part of our DNA. However search engine optimisation evolved significantly over the last few years, which means that a successful SEO strategy cannot be carried out without also including content and social marketing in the mix. This means that we have also become experts in those two very exciting marketing disciplines and now offer the full spectrum of core digital services to our clients. 

The advantage of our search expertise means that everything we do in Social and Content marketing is always going to be optimised for search engines. This allows our client to get much more for their budget as the content or social media posts we create and outreach, have a much greater chance to also be featured on search engines, bringing even more traffic and visibility to the businesses we work with. This is how we can help our clients make the most of the great benefits that cross channel marketing can bring. We're also obsessed with measurable results so we'll make sure that everything we do is 100% transparent and featured in our client reports.

We use all 4 digital marketing channels as tools, and we will propose the best solution for your business based on:

  • Your goals
  • Your budget
  • Your audience
  • A realistic time-frame

As we are a small professional team of consultants, we only take on a limited number of clients and we will look after your business as if it was our own. Our philosophy is based on trust and quality work and service, rather than quantity.

If you wish to see what we could do for your business, why not try our complimentary website search audit? It will allow you to check if your website is search engine friendly and highlight areas where you could improve to boost your visibility on-line. Simply fill our contact form and we'll be in touch shortly, or just talk to us.