Personal Branding

What is ELM?

Our Executive Level Management Solution (ELM) was born out of a need for high level individuals who see the power of using Social Media to boost the brands they work for, as well as their own corporate image to become thought-leaders and known industry professionals within their space. We’ve worked with a number of executives who we know, and they admit, are knowledge rich but time poor. These executives understand the power behind a dedicated Twitter or LinkedIn personal profile marketing service.

Active Social Media Means Engaged Networks

Managing a truly active social media account is a full-time job in itself and requires a strategy with clear and measurable goals, time, energy and dedication to ensure frequent, interesting and optimum posting occurs on the platform. It can be a game of algorithms with social, and at its most basic level, if you’re not posting, then you’re not visible. 

Taking The Load

ClickJump's ELM Solution solves this problem. A dedicated and specifically chosen AM will begin working with you to understand you as a person, your style of writing, your topics of interest and your goals on social media. They will then do the research, content creation, sharing and engaging for you, as you, on your preferred platform.* Whether you opt for LinkedIn profile management services or our Twitter account management service, or both, they will report back into you, gaining valuable feedback as to what you feel may need tweaking or changing. They will also give you the stats behind your account and the progress it is making towards your desired goals. 

Don't Let Social Be An Afterthought 

We know how important the running of your business is, and no matter how important you may view social media to be a part of that, it can fall by the wayside and an opportunity is missed. Let ClickJump ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities with social, we will be the powerhouse behind your personal brand and an extension of the team you didn’t know you needed.

Our Twitter management service and LinkedIn Account Management can achieve the following:

  • Build your presence as a thought leader within your chosen industries.
  • Create a strong online brand for you.
  • Frees you up from having to spend time worrying about /focusing on your online presence.
  • Allows us to network for you, as you, in order to maximise your opportunities.
  • Maximise your own results by implementing a social selling strategy
  • Additional boost to your corporate pages by engaging and sharing relevant content.
  • Target the key influencers or employers within your industry -or chosen industries- to build rapport and create relationships.
  • Monthly blogs written and shared for you on your area of expertise.
  • Create a buzz around you and your personal brand.

  *ELM is currently available for LinkedIn and Twitter only.

Contact Us now for more information on the ELM solution, we'd love to hear from you.