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Social Media

Love it? Hate it? It’s here to stay so it’s sensible to make friends with it, especially within business if you want to achieve better results and stay ahead of your competition. Realistically, your social media platforms represent new roads to your audiences and potential customers and, with the right approach, could turn into one of your biggest opportunities this year.

Knowledge is Power

When you think back to when things like Friendster, MySpace and even Facebook came on the scene, it’s not as recent as we feel it might be! That probably shows our age, but we watched the internet come to life and these platforms find a home and flourish within it. It means we are the best placed individuals to understand their history, how they work, and where they are going. 

Style and Substance

With our background and experience, our skills span across not only Social, but also beautifully crafted content marketing, Paid Social and the necessity to have a bespoke plan for all these areas. We are also best placed to understand, and show you, how they tie in with SEO. The team at ClickJump want to match your business drivers and objectives to your social media and SEO goals to get real results for you.

Passion is Our Driver

We are passionate about social and content marketing and can help your business get going. Whether it’s running a full audit on your existing accounts, to setup from scratch, through to training your team to run social in-house for your business. We aim to understand the “tone” of your brand in order to create a truly personalised strategy for what you want to achieve and how you will be best placed to do that. 

Some of the areas we cover are:

·     Social Media Audit

·     Social Media Strategy & campaign

·     Paid Social

·     Content Creation

·     Blog Optimisation

·     Training

·     Social Media Power Hour

Contact Us now for advice on how to grow your community with Social Media, we'd love to hear from you.